Utu Man (9) An early ray

Дата: 09-07-2008 | 10:10:54

As I stretched in the tart broad-bladed grass
under the void woven from grasshoppers' wings,
I sensed the high-flying fingers of Ningirsu
stroke my upturned face and gently pass

to the rest of the tacit meadow, spread
with the copper-like cream of the morning mist,
and I turned my weightless infolded head
and pressed it against my Eanna's breast.

I could hear her sparrow-like rapid heart
palpitate through the spotless and resonant dome,
which curved upwards, creating a ziggurat
of her sky-leading nipple, erect and firm.

As I touched it with my groping one-winged tongue,
my arm glided towards her ecliptic hip,
but I halted and thought: "Our night was long,
soon the larks will arouse her, let her sleep."

Then the greenish bronze tip of the early ray
ran through us, joined us awkwardly, head to head,
and dispersed, as we woke up and slid away
like two obstinate beads from a ruptured thread.

Тема: Re: Utu Man (9) An early ray Вланес

Автор Клара Кобзева

Дата: 14-03-2010 | 16:41:30

Таинство взаимопроникновения двух душ, единения с природой – и тут же потеря гармонии на этом, земном уровне... Сам текст сплетается на глазах, как из волокон, и превращается в гобелен, под конец распадающийся по мановению волшебного луча. Как будто кто-то дёрнул за ниточку – и рассыпалась, разлелелась мелкими бусинками, добытая тайна. Очень красиво, спасибо! (Не могу оторваться от Вашего цикла стихов :)
С ув.,