My Ode to the Old-World Yellow

Light pale-yellow vault of heaven,
Thinly narrow sandglass yellow

Pallid moon and sparkling sun,
Gloomy tune and greeting song

Rich Mi-yellow sound of cello,
Creamy-yellow ancient vellum

Mystic yellow—flickering candle,
Oily smell of burning sandal

Ripening yellow—sour lemon,
Mellow yellow—sweetish melon

Yellow sugar, yellow brew,
Yellow tea of golden hue

Waxy yellow honeycomb,
Clear amber from sea foam

Timid yellow—autumn’s eve,
Blurred yellow—falling leaf

Yellow hay and yellow wheat,
Ocher clay with sunshine’s heat

Yellow envy crowned with rue,
Sunny dream that’s coming true

Coward yellow—dingy shy,
Lustrous yellow—burst of shine

Golden dress of autumn birch,
Gilded dome of Russian church

Yellow yolk of icons’ paints,
Olden oak of wooden plates

Air full with incense smell,
Yellow sound of bronze bell

And I know—there will be Yellow
At the end of Sacred Tunnel

Тема: Re: My Ode to the Old-World Yellow Клара Кобзева

Автор Фрадис

Дата: 28-12-2006 | 01:40:18

Очень интересно! 'Olden' - это от 'golden' и 'old'?

Dear friend, I'm astonished by your command of the English language.
What a lovely poem!
Thank you!
Best regards!

Welldone, Clara!
Such a lemony-melony-sunny-honey-smelly-oily symphony!
Очень музыкально и живописно в одновременности!
Интересно, что для Вас yellow sound of cello, а
Василий Кандинский считал жёлтым - звук трубы!
Какое разное восприятие оркестровых тембров!