Three poems from Глеб Козловский: A sketch from a life

Land is dry after few drops of rain.
A blade of grass hasn't water enough.
An old woman would cry but in vain,
As she's lonely at home, it's in vain,
Having had no time to fall in love.

A rainbow

When a bothering shower was falling,
In a sudden, we saw by surprise
A rainbow, as God's smile, restoring
Peace in nature, so big and so nice.

With the wind all the clouds were blown,
Cheeks are free from the tears enforced,
And the wrinkles have smoothed, let alone
Sad and furrowed forehead of Earth.

Dust and soot have been washed in a moment
From the cities, prepared for the night,
Where maybe all winters or autumns
Have never stayed as they travel aside.

It’s a miracle for all of good people,
And the faces of them turned to smile.
What a picturesque scene! It will ripple
As God’s present to Earth for a while.

His brief smile makes us even bolder,
He's unforced to forget all bygone.
A gray-haired beloved of a soldier
Steals a smile through shivering shoulders,
When remembering her firstborn.

Donetsk City 2015

Currant bushes look like blood on the sand,
And a bandage has apricots’ hint.
Pray for you, oh, my nearby homeland,
As the greater homeland left no dint.

Валерий Игнатович, поэтический перевод, 2015

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From Глеб Козловский:
"Дождь покапал-и снова сухо.
Ни былинки не смог вспоить.
Так всплакнёт иногда старуха,
В одиноком дому старуха,
Не успевшая полюбить".
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