That, another one: Тот, другой - Nikolay Gumilev

With dumb reproach, I am still waiting
For someone, meaning not a wife,
Let she is good at renovating
The moments of forgotten life.

And not a lover, she is boring:
Her trembling voice, her pleading smile,
I know the passion’s outpouring,
I used to bear the tons of bile.

I wait for just a friend, devoted
To me as a heaven’s age-old goal,
Because my torment should be noted
For height and silence of my soul.

Alas, but he preferred an hour
To ages, taking the remains,
There was no chance into his glower,
He took the mutual dreams for chains.

Валерий Игнатович, поэтический перевод, 2014

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That, another one: Тот, другой - Николай Гумилев (Nikolay Gumilev).
The poem "Тот, другой" was written in 1912.

Nikolay Stepanovich Gumilyov is one of the most influential poets of, so called, “Silver Age” of Russian poetry, a period, well studied at schools, so, Gumilyov's greatest poems, if not known by heart, can be easily found in the Internet. Per exemplum:

Concerning to the comments, the poem itself gives the answer, saying that as any man is higher than any law, the only remedy against our pride is the word of God, for we could live without a qualm of concsience, which is said:
Я жду товарища, от Бога
В веках дарованного мне
За то, что я томился много
По вышине и тишине.