Utu Man (1)

Дата: 06-03-2008 | 23:24:38

From the unseen sea
my mother brought a crab
wrapped in a silken wave
that hugged him like home.

I remember the knocking
of his claws on the wooden floor,
his boisterous brown certainty
that the sea was behind the door.

For two days he roamed my room,
on the third he understood.
His twinkling pinheads
stared and stared at me.

I promised to carry him back,
where I did not know.
He waited, dry, in a pine box
for a year before it was lost.

The dragonfly-god took it away
and flew at once to the sea,
knelt in the lazurite sand
and wrenched off the latch.

I never knew
that it takes a death
and a broken promise
for a dream to come true.

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