I stand here

Дата: 30-08-2006 | 14:28:01

I stand here looking down from the cliff.
You don't know what you are looking at.
Why, I am looking at the gulls that weave
a transparent, soul-enticing net.

I stand here looking at the ocean blue.
You don't know what you are seeking there.
Why, I am seeking a hint, a hue
that would hold me in this windy air.

I stand here looking up into the azure maze.
You don't know what you want to find.
Why, maybe, a flower's petalled gaze
or a pensive hell of another kind.

I stand here looking at my own feet.
You don't know why you breathe and walk.
Why, life went down and took something with it,
a tamed oblivion, a smiling face on a stalk.

I stand here alone and my eyes are shut.
You do know at last why you didn't see.
Yes, I left myself behind, in a painful reverie,
my eyeless body, my exploded heart.

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