A prophet: Пророк – М. Лермонтов

Since, from the everlasting judge,
Given the charisma of a prophet,
I read a list of sin and grudge:
As eyes of men are pages of it.

So I proclaimed love’s sanctity
And homespun truth of pure teaching:
The neighbors pelted stones at me
In violent passion for my preaching.

Having put ashes on my head,
I left all goods and chattels mine,
Stayed in the desert, life I led,
Like birds’, kept on by food divine.

Retaining heavens in my heart,
I am in charge of earthly creatures;
And stars, the listeners of my art,
Reveal to me their joyful features.

But passing through a noisy town,
I hurry up with some precaution,
Old men, when notice me, are frown,
And share with children sly emotion:

"Look: that's a good example for you!
When dealt with us he was so proud:
Convincing us that it is true,
That through his voice the Lord speaks out!

Look, children, he is on the run:
How he is naked, pale, exhausted!
He is the poorest and unposted,
How he is scorned by everyone!”

A prophet: Пророк – М.Ю. Лермонтов