Роберт Геррик. (H-563) О любви (V)

Когда с любовью я играл,
Словно Сатир с огнем,
И я не думал, не гадал,
Что гибель скрыта в том.

Сатир обжег уста одни,
А я, целуя, смог
Зажечь весь дух, щепе сродни,
И на сердце ожог.

Upon Love (V)

I PLAYED with Love, as with the fire
The wanton Satyr did;
Nor did I know, or could descry
What under there was hid.

That Satyr he but burnt his lips;
But mine's the greater smart,
For kissing Love's dissembling chips
The fire scorch'd my heart.

The wanton Satyr, see Note:

See Sir E. Dyer's The Shepherd's Conceit of Prometheus :—

“Prometheus, when first from heaven high
He brought down fire, ere then on earth not seen.
Fond of delight, a Satyr standing by
Gave it a kiss, as it like sweet had been.
. . . . . . .
The difference is—the Satyr's lips, my heart,
He for a time, I evermore, have smart.”

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