Let me imagine you, my love...

Let me imagine you, my love,
And touch your hands with breathless kiss.
Your eyes are deep, like sky above,
Like shoreless ocean underneath.
Let me become your sweetest dream,
Your servant , your free willing slave,
Your warm sunset, that’s getting dim…
Let make you feel forever save.

Let me imagine you, my love,
And then become your wordless shadow,
That follows you as peaceful dove.
Let touch your feet like morning meadow.
Let fill your day with singing birds,
With flowers that will bloom forever,
Let fill your ears with all those words
That I was scared to tell you ever.

Let me imagine you, my love,
And then myself - still brave and young,
Who wouldn’t think to throw a glove
To someone with an abusive tang,
Who does not think that it’s too late
To start his life again from scratch,
But only echo screams “Wait, wait…
Your boat just left - too late to catch.”

Let me imagine you, my love.
For me - you are a shooting star,
That’s flying through the sky above
From other world that is so far.

Аркадий Шляпинтох, 2017

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Hello, my dear unknown visitor!

I’m happy to see you on my page! Even your ,,thumb down,, makes me feel great! This means somehow I touched your feelings!




Let me imaging you, my guest.

You visited my page for a reason.

Perhaps, you filled my week, or season,

like Cuckoo bird somebody’s  nest.

It makes to me a lot of sense:

For you - ‘’thumbs  down’’ – is such a pleasure!

Your generosity is hard to measure…

 It’s like ‘’F…. You’’ on brand new fence!


: ))